“Wet Your Whistle” Series continues with Whites in the United States!

Posted by C&G on Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Show Date: Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Event Jeannie’s summer “Wet Your Whistle” Series continues with Whites in the United States

We realized that a discussion of white wines in the US needed its own show when our research produced 22 wine producing States in America – not the Americas, but 22 American States. California, New York, Oregon and Washington – what about Texas and Arizona – and yes, even Charles’ home state of Minnesota produces wine. Which is why we asked Charles Curtis, Master of Wine and founder of AlphaWine to return to our Wet Your Whistle Series to walk us through what having 22 American wine producing states really means to our palettes. Are the big three even worth our white wine drinking time? Price, value, taste, growing and production – what’s out there and what’s “out” there that we should aim to avoid. Best bets, trends and the perfect regional gift if you want to be generous and smart about your local wines. And of course, we will tell you where you should really go when you visit Napa.

Tune in at noon as usual, July 16th, to get the full scoop on white wines in the United States with Jeannie Uyanik and special guest Charles Curtis.

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