The Process

The wedding industry – from gowns to caterers – has grown rapidly over the past 2 decades. This has resulted in a wonderful selection of choices for brides and grooms, but not all those choices can be explored and edited in the time that you have. By working with C&G Weddings, you will know what all the choices are without the sense of frustration that may accompany them. An initial meeting enables you to convey your goals and needs to us. It provides a forum for a dialogue in which we encourage the participation of family members and friends.

It is our pleasure to offer complimentary consultations between the hours of 10am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Unfortunately, due to recent high demand for early morning, evening and weekend meetings, we have had to amend our policy on how to address each of these requests fairly, while also balancing the need to reserve those times for current clients. As a result, we require a $300 fee to schedule a meeting before 10am, after 5pm or on any given weekend (when available); this would of course be applied to the first payment should C&G be hired (in essence refunded upon hiring the firm). Please allow us to express that this is not an attempt to charge for an initial consultation, merely a manner in which to make sure that those who require meeting times in high demand understand that we turn others down when we have committed to a consultation and we take that seriously.

After this initial consultation you will be provided with a preliminary proposal, which outlines our thoughts on how we can help. Upon receipt of our proposal suggesting each step of the process and our involvement, you will have the opportunity to make any additions or deletions as necessary. The finalized proposal will serve as our contract with you. Once you have chosen to work with us, we send you a complete Deliverables and Service Timeline™, which clearly delineates when each item will be executed. This allows a couple to fully understand the manner and timeframe in which the wedding will be planned.

C&G can provide you with choices, creativity and most importantly, the peace of mind that we can achieve what you have pictured. We can liaise with all vendors, manage your guest lists, set up appointments and counsel you on different styles of weddings. We have created an atmosphere for brides who want it all, but can’t do it all.

Our mission is to ensure that your event is a success and that your peace of mind is guaranteed!