About C & G

The vision for C&G Weddings was created by Jeannie Uyanik in 1999. While earning an MBA from The Stern School at New York University in Finance, Jeannie was surrounded by women who were trying to balance the rigors of completing graduate degrees, managing their lives and planning weddings. In searching for a wedding planner to help ease the burden, at a time when the internet was still not a reliable source of information, Jeannie realized that the choices available were limited. And none specifically geared wedding planning to women whose lives were already full but who wanted to participate in the process to a degree of their choosing. A high level of customer service, immediate response times and exceptional vendor relationships set C&G weddings apart from day one. For over a decade and a half, C&G continues to be the preferred choice of both couples and their families time and again. The C&G team is devoted to making sure our clients and their guests enjoy both the wedding day and the time leading up to it.

There are two ways in which the firms’ policies made it a rising star and continue to make it unique from other wedding planners all over the world. The first is that we never hire interns or unpaid associates to work with our clients. This ensures that every client is working with a full time employee and one who has extensive experience in the business of planning weddings. The second is that we never accept commissions from vendors. This allows C&G Weddings to always make unbiased referrals and recommendations which only benefit our client and allow additional savings to be passed on to the couple. A critical aspect of our vendor relationships is that vendors we recommend have more incentive to make our clients happy because we are not obliged to them. They are being paid for a service and are able to operate at the highest standards without the burden of a payback system underlying their work. We are proud of this policy and encourage you, specifically, to ask each vendor about our relationship with them.