Your Wedding

Whether advancing a career, pursuing a degree, or multi-tasking in life, couples who are busy have many unifying character traits. Successful, detail oriented people often find their personal and professional worlds colliding when they can’t manage all aspects of both. A wedding can bring just such a challenge for even the most efficient. Often with high goals and expectations comes sacrifice, but we don’t believe that an ideal wedding day should be one of the things that you are forced to forfeit.

C&G will do the following:
• Save you time, angst and aggravation.
• Incorporate flexible meeting arrangements adapted to your busy lifestyle.
• Provide an individualized program tailored to your specific needs.
• Work with a range of budget needs and stay on target.
• Maximize the rewards of the planning process and the ultimate event.

Our primary concern is to cater to your lifestyle. Many firms do not focus on the client as much as they do on the event. We do both at an equally high standard. Our commitment is to you and to facilitating a flawless planning process and an exceptional wedding.