Love was in the air…..let the planning season begin!

Posted by C&G on Thursday, February 19, 2009

After the holidays and Valentine’s Day, our phones always start to ring with brides calling to say they are engaged and don’t know where to start! So for the next few posts we’re going to share some tips on how to start the planning process including answers to many of those questions brides initially have. But before you do dive into planning- take some time to enjoy being a bride! Being engaged is a great part of the journey; soak it up before you take those first steps down the aisle!

How much do you have to spend? Simple enough in theory, but there are many issues at play in setting a budget. The first is usually what the disposable cash is for an event. We often see the primary constraint is simply what people have in the bank. If that’s the issue, then make sure you speak with all related parties BEFORE setting a final budget – that includes parents and anyone else who might be contributing. It’s very common to not want to have such a candid conversation early in any planning process, but since it can materially affect the entire event, it’s an important one to have upfront. More than likely, the people you’re going to speak to have already put some thought into it as well, so relax knowing that you aren’t going to appear like you’re coming from left field!

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