Hold that thought……..on the dress that is….

Posted by C&G on Monday, March 2, 2009

The most popular thing for brides to do before guest list, budget or venue search – is hunt for a dress. And while we don’t mean to minimize the importance of this – it can wait. In a perfect world, it’s always best to give a store or dress maker 8 months advance notice in ordering or
purchasing a wedding gown. But, if you do that at the expense of weighing all the other details, it can decrease the joy of finding the perfect dress (especially if you can’t afford it OR if it does not end up fitting the venue/time of year that you select during the location process). Hold off on buying the dress until you are sure of the larger pictures – specifically the financials of the entire event, how many people are coming and where it will be happening. We often see couples that are thinking of holding an event in a ballroom and then fall in love with a vineyard instead. The dresses for these two occasions might be the same, but wouldn’t it be great to make that decision knowing all the details?

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