Going Green Part III- Our Favorite NYC transportation!

Posted by C&G on Monday, April 6, 2009

Transportation is a necessary evil if you are getting married in one location and having your reception in another. If at all possible, have both parts in one venue or at least in two venues that are walking distance from one another. With this format, your guests are getting a nice walking tour of the area and you’re saving the earth and money! Another great idea of eco-wedding day travel is using Pedi-cabs. If you’ve ever been to NYC, you’ve probably seen them on every corner. It makes for a great wedding photo and it’s tons of fun! For a small wedding in 2006, we arranged for all of the guests to be driven via Pedi-cab from ceremony location to the reception. It was a huge hit and a lot more creative than having 75 guests trying to find cabs all at once! (picture by Raquel Reis)

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