Destination Weddings Part II

Posted by C&G on Friday, May 15, 2009

Do you have a specific location in mind, or are you willing to get married anywhere? Many couples will simply pick a destination randomly. This is tough because it’s hard to fall in love with a place on demand and through intensive research on-line. We always recommend that if a destination wedding is a must, choose a location that is genuinely meaningful to you and your fiance. This will have a great impact on how guests feel about traveling there, about how you feel going there to prepare in advance of the wedding and of course, how the entire event takes shape. It’s important to pick a destination wisely though especially since many couples assume that island weddings or international weddings will definitely be cheaper. That is certainly not the case. With a currently weak dollar, the hope to stretch the budget is often just that. Often, even when services and goods are cheaper, so many things are more nebulous than when dealing in your own home town; in turn you have to take more expensive routes to ensure that details are being executed flawlessly. For instance, while you might not get married at the Four Seasons in New York City, given that it’s cheaper on a small island, you would and should consider a 5-star resort facility in order to guarantee quality. What that translates to is that you will not necessarily have paid 5-star prices in the destination location, but it does not mean that you have saved money relative to doing it at home. Often couples will pick a destination because of a specific resort or hotel (i.e. the Four Seasons in Costa Rica or the Ritz Carlton in Cancun). Having your wedding or event at a hotel when doing destination planning is useful for everyone. It removes the need and cost for transportation and eliminates an extra layer of complications.

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