Bridal Gowns through the Generations

Posted by C&G on Friday, January 16, 2009

A fantastic and extremely creative Floridian bride dreamed of wearing her grandmother’s dress as she walked down the aisle in her May 2008 wedding. But when grandma told her she could not make any changes to the dress (and wearing it “as is” was not an option), she immediately had to come up with plan B. And in this case, Plan B turned out to be even more incredible than Plan A! She had a rare and unique situation where both her and her fiancé’s mother and grandmothers still had their wedding gowns. So as a tribute to them and their beautiful dresses, she displayed them on manikins at the reception venue. Not only did it give a peek into the family’s heritage, it offered a beautiful addition to the room’s décor. (And grandma didn’t have to watch her gown get cut into a million pieces)

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